Envision Peace - InstallationArtist - Shepard Fairey. Installed June 2012

In essence, a cornerstone (or foundation stone) is the first element set within a structure. From here the developing space around it works with direct reference to that single piece.

We feel privileged at The Turnpike Art Group to have had one of the vanguards of the urban art scene create the first, and therefore cornerstone artwork within our ongoing street project. The process began with a local shop owner granting us permission to restore, and redevelop a large, obsolescent Victorian 'billboard', located on the side of his property. This large-scale concrete framework was ideal for a challenging visual intervention. TAG then spoke with one of London's leading street art galleries - Stolen Space. They suggested a few potential candidates, then cut to the chase, asking who our ideal artist would be.  Without hesitation, we proposed American Shepard Fairey. A few weeks later, TAG were given notice that he agreed.

Stolen Space generously covered the hire cost of a cherry picker. And members of TAG went about cleaning and repairing the fissured surface of the wall space. We liaised with Fairey's assistant Dan Flores, and prepped the area for artworking with a suitable colour match to Fairey's signature red pigment.

22nd June 2012
Both Fairey and Flores laboured for over eight hours, on a typically gnarly London day. They gave their time for free; placing the ENVISION PEACE installation outside of the more fashionable and acknowledged street art habitat of Brick Lane, in the east end. With a single stroke (or spray), N15 was consecrated into the global street art hall of fame.