Donate to TAG

We are a not-for-profit organisation, so rely on external support to make our projects happen. On a large scale this can involve initiatives like Community First - run by the Community Development Foundation. They helped us to complete our Roof Garden Project, the ongoing Flower Box Project, and other smaller offshoots where we continue to visually enhance our street corners.

Other projects have involved shopkeepers, community centres, bar owners and residents - this through covering our materials, or donation of resources.

We have also looked to crowdsourcing, such as Spacehive, where our Palace Gates Project has managed to be fully funded by outside donation (often from individuals outside of our community).

On an ongoing basis, we would like to appeal to anyone who has been involved with our work, or simply likes what we do to give a small donation so that we can continue to provide the streets with stimulating artworks. Please use the DONATE button below.


Turnpike Art Group