Perpetual movement • London 2016 Artist - TAG. Installed June 2016

From the Maori word for ‘loop’, Koru is a system of symbolic ancient art form which takes the spiral structure of a new unfurling silver fern frond as its central motif.

This spiritual emblem suggests growth, new life, development, and peace, as well as the concept of - perpetual movement - the inner coil suggesting a return to the point of origin.

Koru is exemplified within beautiful Maori bone carvings and tattoos; also in a stylised form as the logo of Air New Zealand.

The Perpetual movement mural was commissioned by a New Zealand family, who were creating a new home in north London. Within one of the UK’s most culturally-rich urban enclaves, it was a significant process to be asked to add this inspirational and deeply personal image to a family residence.

Whakawhetai ki a koe.
TAG would like to thank the family members for the generosity and support.
Artwork created by James Straffon

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