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It's still early stages for the Turnpike Roof Garden project, with some useful feedback regarding planting. To that end, another avenue might be worth considering - environmental impact, and specifically the demise of the UK's bee population. As a small group, we have an opportunity to make a difference - by planting species such as lavender.

Below some info worth considering:

Friends of the Earth
  • Bee numbers in Britain have fallen dramatically in recent years. Three bumblebee species are already extinct.
  • Many factors are causing bees' decline - from habitat loss, to disease, to climate change. There is also growing evidence that some pesticides harm bees.
Bees are essential to our food supply, economy and quality of life:
  • Bees pollinate 75% of our most vital crops and favourite foods.
  • Without bees and other insects we'd also have 20% less vitamin C, 41% less vitamin A and 9% less calcium.
  • Without bees it would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion a year to pollinate our crops.  
  • That's more than it costs farmers to produce all the milk consumed in the UK every year.
  • They're essential to our gardens, parks and countryside. 
  • Bees and other insects help pollinate over 75% of our plants, which in turn are vital to our insects, birds and animals.
FOE have launched the Bee Cause

The Soil Association
Over the past few years there has been a massive, worldwide drop in bee numbers. In the UK, beekeepers report a one in three loss of bee colonies has occurred. It appears that we could be heading towards a global disappearance of bees. The consequences of this would be dire. It is estimated that one third of human food supplies depend on bee pollination.

The Lavender Project
As well as encouraging bees, Lavender has a scented benefit, and obviously a visual once. It is relatively low-maintenance, comes in a number of varieties, and will be safe from frost on the roof. Other insect-friendly, wild flowers could also be introduced.

Provence comes to Tottenham! Let's create a buzz.
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