Art in the Community - our 'Doorstep welcome'Artist - TAG. Installed December 2012

It is fitting, after a year of great change, that 2012 should close with the installation of the 'Art in the Community' element of Sustrans' DIY Streets Turnpike Lane/West Green project.

After a series of meetings, residents agreed on a heritage-based redesign of the neighbourhood's street names. Broadening this concept, these scaled-up installations feature a 'doorstep welcome' reference to the many and varied Victorian tiled porchways within the area, as well as fine typographic letter plates, and ochre end caps - these commissioned from Craven Dunhill Jackfield - 'the most complete Victorian tile factory in England', a company who have worked in conjunction with London Underground to faithfully restore the tiled splendour of the capital's tube network.

Placed at eight key locations, these beautifully-crafted bespoke installation pieces - commissioned from North London fine art framers John Johns - have already garnered very positive feedback from both residents and visitors.

Our 'Art in the Community' project encapsulates some of the core principles of urban regeneration - through Sustrans' drive to unite the residents in a dialogue of change; the confidence from the TAG group to research solutions, present ideas, commission suppliers and manufacturers, and harness skills in the visual arts; residents willingness to grasp the opportunity to make a difference; contractors able to show flexibility with the new.

This is our 'Doorstep welcome' to Turnpike Lane.

All artwork, text and images © Turnpike Art Group 2022.