There's no greater thrill for an artist or designer, than seeing your sketch-phase come to life; when what was once a scribble or notation on paper, takes a tangible form, en route to project completion.

Watching the surreally-conscious tracking of a laser, as it chaotically jumps and skips over a plastic sheet was just such a moment - the designs for our TAG Flower Boxes rapidly punched out of a Mylar roll with stunning accuracy.

Last Friday TAG paid a visit to Cutting Technologies in Barnsley, and spent a fascinating afternoon in the educational company of Jane Robinson. Having preceded a factory tour with a visit to the Enlightened Exhibition, it soon became apparent that what was once considered a purely industrial tool, has a very real place to play in the fine art arena.

Think of the reaction Warhol and his cohorts attracted, when they began to screen print directly onto canvas. This avant-garde mark-making process held much resistance. Yet is now commonplace, albeit usurped by digital advancement. To that end, one might see a time when working with lasers becomes commonplace. Viewing the variety, and stunning subtly, of image-making via this tool was indeed a real eye opener. Many beautiful examples were shown.

Heading back to London, with a roll of laser-cut flora under one arm, we get the feeling TAG and Cut Tec may cross paths again soon.

Our thanks to Jane Robinson for her hospitality. And to all those at Cut Tec who made the visit so rewarding.
All artwork, text and images © Turnpike Art Group 2022.