Straight from the horse's mouth | Artist - STEWY. Installed March 2013

Less is more. Particularly when one imagines the gossamer presence of what was once before. To the cat who sat waiting for the moment to pounce. Or the old nag (or old Meg), having passed through the tollgate at Turnpike Lane, heading for pastures new. The animals that share our world often pass on, into anonymous memory. But the spirit remains. We are lucky. We have two such beasts, courtesy of urban artist STEWY, whose life-sized animals form part of an ever-expanding library - his 'A to Z of Indigenous British Animals'. 

STEWY places animals in an urban setting to highlight the notion of nature reclaiming the city. His artworks are compelling - in their apparent subtlety, and paired-down minimalism; capturing the purest essence of a form. His enthusiasm is also contagious. We hope Volume I of his A - Z is soon expanded. And to anyone visiting our urban menagerie - please respect the animals. And the artist - buy STEWY screen prints HERE

All artwork, text and images © Turnpike Art Group 2022.