House of Beauty MakeoverArtist - TAG. Installed April 2013

The most rewarding actions at TAG are those that mesh together a spectrum of people. And we are blessed in our community with a mix of residents who really get what we are about - small scale projects, which can run over mere days, or sometimes hours, with a net result way beyond the physical and mental investment.

Such an ethos is epitomised by our desire to transform a gable end vista - one which would greet any visitor passing in to the neighbourhood, via the 'urban' channel out of Turnpike Lane Tube station. 

Tired, flaking paintwork, and timeworn masonry were highlighted as a potential TAG project. And with the kind permission of both resident and business owners, we set about pooling our resources, with a conscious motion to deliver a low impact activity, with a high impact result. 

Improvised tools, and foraged paint would form the foundation to a very gratifying collective action. We prepped, painted, repaired, and ultimately stencilled life onto a wall which previously stood in negative silhouette. Glorious April blue skies expedited our progress.

The final touches involved the transference of the TAG Flower Box project, this time springing forth from the ground floor signage of the House of Beauty.

TAG would like to thank Trea and Mark for their co-operation with this project. Stencil generously supplied by Cut-Tec. Other project components funded by Community First

All this capped with just reward - and a slice of fortified homemade Rum Banana cake.
All artwork, text and images © Turnpike Art Group 2022.