Recycled Roof Garden - the raw material

We've begun the early stages of our Community First funded Roof Garden project.

Following  consultation with a potential partner, and locale Garden Centre, we will be using Haringey's now defunct recycling bins as our planters.

In their basic form they present an intriguing array of variable hues of green. To this we will be adding the TAG treatment - with a suitable surface artwork on each.

The next phase will include planting discussions and a plan to run a painting afternoon for children - where each box can be customised with motifs of their choice - including insects, animals and other assorted visual play.

TAG were also introduced to the concept of owning our own beehive. Location  is a key issue.  But the prospect of Turnpike Honey will hopefully drive to get one of our members on a day course before any bees arrive.

More to follow.

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