"…and a happy time we'll have there, one and all!"

So sang Burl Ives, in the 1963 Walt Disney Production - Summer Magic.

Fast forward fifty years, and a happy time was indeed had by all, at the TAG Bug Fest.

Blessed with some unusual summer sun, our array of fourteen Haringey Recycling bins soon found themselves resplendent with a growing menagerie of luminous, multi-legged, multi-winged creepy crawlies. And with the added incentive of delicious homemade muffins and pancakes, courtesy of Kitty, there was no excuse not to pick up a Molotow marker, and contribute to the fun.

These completed artworks will form the containers for our TAG Envision Peace Roof Garden, which now moves onto its next phase, and the careful selection of plants.

Many thanks to all those who came out and made this event an enjoyable community effort. Particularly pleasing was the sight of those individuals who initially declared "I can't draw," later to be found moving on to a second container, and their third or fourth insect. The buzz was contagious.

All artwork, text and images © Turnpike Art Group 2022.