Meg gets taken for a ride | Artist - Art is Tra$h. Installed June 2013. Removed.

Some of the best art is anchored within appropriation. Marcel Duchamp was a master of such invention; taking the everyday, and contorting its meaning. So too Pablo Picasso, with artworks such as “Head of the Bull” - created from the saddle and handlebars of an abandoned bicycle. Which makes the brief journey, recently taken by TAG's very own Meg the Horse, all the more poignant.

For it took a fellow countryman to embrace the genius of cross-genre sculpture, and bring his own unique style to the streets of N15.

Born in 1970, Francisco de Pájaro studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Merida, Spain. And continues to focus his temporary installations, primarily around the streets of Barcelona, under the alter ego of "ART IS TRA$H". The message is a clear one - asking the viewer to question that which we abandon as worthless; our consumer lifestyles leaving a very public display of urban excess.

He works rapidly, fashioning site-specific artworks, from this everyday city detritus; Pájaro's chosen raw materials freely available, wherever he travels. Picasso's Cubist influence forms a visually-strong homage within the street art that Pájaro leaves in his wake. Such engaging, figurative, and openly ephemeral contrivances were strewn streetward, with the Spaniard's recent trip to London (where he evidently found much waste material with which to play).

From Las Ramblas to Langham Road. Our place within the global street art pantheon continues...

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