If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else.

With London temperatures heading for the nineties, logic suggests seeking the shade, and avoiding those UV rays. But with an exciting TAG project entering its prep phase, it was time to grab a brush, a can of primer, and a tube of Factor 50.

Our Chinese Community Centre project is well under way. Its first weekend providing a heart-warming illustration of how art can inspire; there's nothing better than a blank canvas to beckon the creatively inclined. So it was, with first-day application of metal primer over fourteen square metres of shuttering, and then Sunday's pure white brushwork; many hands made light work of readying our canvas for the illustrative splendour to follow. Paty, a former street art author from Madrid could not resist the tagging opportunity. Chinese friends alike, dragged a loaded brush in participatory glee. For two consecutive afternoons, our local act of street theatre attracted many willing players.

Eventually the sun dipped low, the weekend came to a close, and with all our tins emptied of pigment, an impromptu bar was fashioned from our decorating platform. TAG toasted its efforts. We got by, with a little help from our friends (and some Chardonnay).
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