Mount Tai

TAG's proposal for a traditional chinese-style mural to cover the shutters of our local Chinese Community Centre was openly embraced by all of its members. We received many encouraging comments on submission of our idea

"It's beautiful and a good display of Chinese art and culture."

"..a very lovely image that would definitely help the HCC build up a good image and impression to the neighbourhood."

"Very excited to see the new look."

In addition, some useful cultural suggestions helped complete our picture - water was added to the scene - this to bring good fortune and wealth.

On request, TAG had also researched the inclusion of one of China's most historical and culturally significant mountains - Mount Tai. One of the "Five Great Mountains", this land form is associated with sunrise, birth, and renewal. And has been a place of worship for over 3,000 years.

Spanning the full width of the shutter-frontage, this mountain-scape includes the tallest point, known as the Jade Emperor Peak.

We found the best means to delicately create a mist-enshrouded vista was by sponging; gradually building up layers, across a masked cut-out of the Mount Tai horizon. Our sponge-of-choice? A pack of Baby Wash Soft Sponges from Poundland.
All artwork, text and images © Turnpike Art Group 2022.