TAG Çiçek KutusuArtist - TAG/Esra. Installed August 2013

Never underestimate the power of flowers. And their inherent ability to open new doors and opportunities.

Only recently TAG were applying the finishing touches to our Chinese Centre artwork, with a petal-painting initiative designed to engage passer-by with ownership of the art in their streets, when we discovered a hugely talented artist living only a few hundred yards from the hub. After receiving some sample artworks, a date was set to work with Esra Duzen, on our very first collaborative installation - a TAG Çiçek Kutusu.

Originating from Istanbul, Esra's style proved to be a perfect blend - as she overworked the initial flower stencil piece with her own, illustrative melange of quirky ornamentation. Esra was left to her own devices, completing her sumptuous contribution many hours later. Somewhat reminiscent of the early-incarnation of surf brand Mambo, Esra's free-flowing fantasia landscapes feature other-worldly forms. Without any accompanying sketches, the highly-detailed end artwork literally flowed from the tip of her pens, in an appropriately organic inscription of subconsciousness. In conversation, we found it unsurprising that Esra's ideal would be to illustrate her own children's books.

TAG hope this artwork receives the respect it deserves. It is an absolute pleasure to incorporate such talent into what we do. The language of art is indeed universal.
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