in The Frame | Various artists - 2014-15

Our aim is to showcase a diverse and eclectic mix of original artworks, presented within the heart of our urban gallery at N15. Every few weeks the Frame will be refreshed with a new artist, this alongside a small information point providing a short biography and relevant links. Over the year we hope to provide visitors to our streets with an opportunity to engage with a free gallery experience, and in turn promote the artist's featured.
in The Frame is about the moment; it displays a snapshot or vignette; a window to another place.


Michelle Eva May
in The Frame January 2014
Oil, acrylic, spray paint, charcoal, Conte, pastel, coffee on board.


Mario Oleari
in The Frame February 2014

The Hen's Tooth

Melissa Gardiner & Fionn Maris
in The Frame March/April 2014

Self Portrait II (Nwanebuni)

Kelvin Okafor
in The Frame May 2014

Graphite, charcoal & black pencil on archival paper.

The Butterfly

in The Frame June 2014

The Key to Enlightenment

Esra Duzen
in The Frame September 2014


Elise Wehle
in The Frame May 2014

Paper cut collage.

Framed Cascade

The Toasters
in The Frame November 2014


Fio Silva
in The Frame March 2015

Missing the Moment

Peter Evans
in The Frame April 2015

Know Yourself

Joyce Treasure
in The Frame June 2015

All artwork, text and images © Turnpike Art Group 2022.