in The Frame

2014 sees the launch of TAG's in The Frame. Our aim is to showcase a diverse and eclectic mix of original artworks, presented within the heart of our urban gallery at N15.

Every few weeks the Frame will be refreshed with a new artist, this alongside a small information point providing a short biography and relevant links to websites etc. Over the year we hope to provide visitors to our streets with an opportunity to engage with a free gallery experience, and in turn promote the artist's featured.

in The Frame is about the moment; it displays a snapshot or vignette; a window to another place. We want to encourage the viewer to explore.

Michelle Eva May
Kelvin Okafor
Rhythm Sticks

Esra Duzen
The Toasters
Fio Silva

Peter Evans
Joyce Treasure
Elise Wehle

Jennie Pedley

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