The Bullfinch • London 2014Artist - ATM. Installed June 2014

To observe the latest addition to our urban menagerie of street art being created, was to run the gamut of emotions. It was a classic hot June weekend; the proposed location being somewhat exposed to both intense heat and other hot-headed distractions.

The artist, ATM, stuck to his task admirably; in the process turning a pock-marked, leaden section of wall into a coral-flushed thing of beauty. The end result was a plump, male Bullfinch - a rarely seen visitor to many parts of the UK.

TAG are immensely grateful to the Thanki family, who generously donated their garden wall to this project.

Whilst adding the final coat of sealer, TAG were visited by a young, wheelchair-observing resident, who decided our bullfinch should go by the name of Percy. We then discovered all the other animal artworks in our patch were also going by the name of Percy. It's great to have a system!


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