The Heron • London 2015 Artist - ATM. Installed March 2015

At over eighteen feet tall, ATM's Heron is the largest TAG artwork to date. Over a three day period this most regal of wading birds took to the wall generously donated by a local resident (who also provides tea!).  His beady eye focuses east, to the marshes. And at night he basks under his own spotlight.

by JK Annand

A humphy-backit heron
Nearly as big as me
Stands at the waterside
Fishin for his tea.
His skinnie-ma-linkie lang legs
Juist like reeds
Cheats aa the puddocks
Soomin mang the weeds,
Here’s ane comin,
Grup it by the leg!
It sticks in his thrapple
Then slides doun his craig .
Neist comes a rottan ,
A rottan soomin past,
Oot gangs the lang neb
And has the rottan fast.
He jabs it, he stabs it,
Sune it’s in his wame ,
Flip-flap in the air
Heron flees hame.

This project funded via Spacehive. TAG would like to thank all those who pledged. And to Jewson for generously reaching out to the art audience.

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