Sudan • London 2015 |  Installed May 2015

“It is sad what human greed has done and now we must keep watch every minute because it would be unimaginable if the poachers succeeded in killing these last few animals.”
Mohamed Doyo
Patrol ranger, Ol Pejeta ranch, Kenya
The Rhinoceros has walked the earth for 5 million years. Modern humans have only been in existence for around 200,000 years; long enough to subvert the natural balance of the ecosystem, tinkering with the delicate ecology of our planet to often dramatic effect.

By 2011, the Western Black Rhino was declared extinct. The majestic Northern White Rhino is now also teetering on the edge of extinction - this entirely due to poachers, feeding the far east's voracious appetite for Rhino horn - a commodity now more prized than gold.

There are only five Northern White Rhinos remaining. Four of these are female. The last male on this planet is called Sudan. He is old; living out his final years on the Ol Pejeta ranch in Kenya, protected by patrolmen on 24-hour armed guard. His once magnificent horn has been removed to 'devalue' his worth to poachers.

The clock is ticking. IVF a potentially final option to rescue a species.

We value Sudan's steely stare, as he gazes out onto the turf of north London.
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Artwork created by James Straffon
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