The Bag of Tricks VIP Corridor

As part of our Bag of Tricks exhibition at the Green Rooms 2016, a group of select artists generously gave their time to create a unique gallery experience within the hotel’s inner corridors. Although dubbed the ‘VIP Corridor’ this vibrant space is open to the general public, with all works also available to buy.

Featuring DONK, Aida Wilde, The Toasters, Perspicere, and TAG, this space represents an example of what can be achieved when architecture meets street art, in the name of transient largesse.

There is the argument that urban art needs to be seen as such - exposed to the populace at all times, yet a prime example of such ‘hidden’ gems lies within the basement car park of The Swiss Embassy in London. For here, back in 2001, Bruno Spinner (the Ambassador of Switzerland during that period), had the foresight to allow a group of fledgling street artists loose of the walls and columns as "part of a series of events organised at the beginning of this century aimed to engage with the next generation of people and artists who will largely shape and determine the future".

Among them was Banksy. The rest is history. The space has since been used by a variety of organisations, some being Foundations aimed at helping young people who might be at risk of getting involved in gang culture, gun crime or substance abuse. As such, street or urban art can be a multi-purpose activity, with a wide-ranging faculty for producing change.

TAG would like to thank the artists for their contribution to this altruistic activity.

The VIP corridor will remain largely in situ until early 2017.

All artwork, text and images © Turnpike Art Group 2022.