Turnpike Art Group

The Turnpike Art Group (TAG)  are based in North London N15, within one of the most ethnically-diverse urban locations in the UK. It is this rich mix of cultures which inspired our drive to create an ongoing visual dialogue of street art interventions.

The core ethos is to provide a free art experience for residents, visitors and admirers of urban art. TAG champions heritage, cultural development, and the natural world. The artworks we place arrive through a dialogue with individuals, building owners and businesses (from small to corporate).

Over the years many art pieces have appeared in the West Green/Turnpike Lane Area, yet, as with the ephemeral nature of street art, some have come and gone; many still exist.

Created in 2012 by local residents and artists James Straffon and Veronica Bailey, TAG is as an offshoot from award-winning charity Sustran's DIY Streets Turnpike Lane/West Green project, who successfully united a London community in a dialogue of change. Within that program Art in the Community was a key element, from which residents chose a heritage-based street sign project called Doorstep Welcome, by Veronica Bailey, who studied Communication Design at Central St. Martins.

Referencing the decorative Victorian tiled residential porches within the West Green area, encaustic letter tiles of older road signs linked the street names with orange tiles similar in colour to the Turnpike Lane tube station walls. Made by the same manufacturing company - Craven Dunhill Jackfield 'the most complete Victorian tile factory in England' - eight street signs were placed at key locations, introducing a unique visual identity to the area.

Since 2012, primarily under the creative direction of artist James Straffon, TAG have overseen installation of a broad mix of carefully-curated art pieces within the urban landscape - Envision Peace, by Shepard Fairey, was one of the first to be placed in our neighbourhood within an erstwhile, and crumbling, plaster-framed advertising hoarding, above a local shop.

TAG welcomes you to visit the Turnpike Lane area and The Westbury Pub, which exhibits many artworks by James Straffon, some which are available to purchase.

During 2021, TAG hope to run some street art tours, providing first hand information and a personal guide to the urban work of The Turnpike Art Group.  If you are interested in being on a mailing list click here > info@turnpikeartgroup.co.uk

All artwork, text and images © Turnpike Art Group 2022.