Turnpike Art Group

The Turnpike Art Group (TAG) was created in 2012 by British artist James Straffon, as an offshoot from award-winning charity Sustran's DIY Streets Turnpike Lane/West Green project - a community-focused street redesign programme, which successfully united a London community in a dialogue of change.

We are based in north London, N15, within one of the most ethnically-diverse urban locations in the UK. It is this rich mix of cultures which inspired our drive to create an ongoing visual dialogue of street art interventions.

Our core ethos is formed around the desire to break down the gallery walls, and provide a free art experience for residents, visitors and global admirers of the urban art oeuvre. By bridging the barriers of class, age, race and background, we aim to instil a sense of civic pride, introduce a rich mix of carefully-curated art pieces; whilst also inspiring the creatively-minded to pursue artistic endeavours.

By changing the the urban landscape, and the lives of its residents, through the introduction of visually-appealing and stimulating art and design, we champion heritage, cultural development, and the natural world. The artwork we place arrives through a dialogue with individuals, building owners and businesses (from small to corporate). We are keen to pursue a permission-granted policy.

TAG welcome commissions, whatever the scale. We have valuable experience in creating public art interventions, and have garnered widespread appreciation for the artworks that we place in the public domain. Project enquiries should be sent to us here info@turnpikeartgroup.co.uk

TAG projects have included working with:

Shepard Fairey (USA)
Art is Tra$h (Spain)
DONK London (UK)
Christiaan Nagel (South Africa)
Mobstr. (UK)
NeSpoon (Poland)
The Toasters (UK)
Binty Bint (UK)
JR (France)
Zabou (France)
Elise Wehle (USA)
Pegasus (USA)
Fio Silva (Argentina)
C_3 (UK)
D7606 (UK)
Joyce Treasure (UK)
Anna Laurini (Italy)
Chinagirl Tile (Austria)

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Our in The Frame project has also introduced a variety of new artists to our street gallery.

TAG artists have also created a variety of projects, in association with Virgin Media, Haringey Council, UK Power Networks, and a host of local businesses.