Chinese Community Centre | Artist - TAG. Installed July/August 2013

In mid-April 2013, TAG submitted an artwork proposal to the Chinese Community Centre, N15. Over three months later, its final brushwork was completed, by the people who walked by this stretch of paving, on Sunday 4th August. It was a very special day spent painting. Once finished, the full breadth of the task became apparent. As did the emotion, at journey's end, when a vision which was once just paper, became reality. A journey had been played out on the grey slabs fronting 211 Langham Road, N15. A month of glorious summer had gifted the conditions for growth. Scores, maybe more, had passed by. Many compelled to give thanks. The positive reaction, at times, overwhelming.

And so it seemed only right, as we sensed the final phase was entered, that the individuals sharing our streets should share in the picture we were forming. And over a long afternoon, TAG stopped the people in the street, and put a brush in their hand. We wanted this artwork to be about them.

Thanks to all those who painted petals - Vivien, Sarah, Esra, Anne-Marie, Colin, Zara, Shannon, Reniah, Alexia, Ruby-Rose, Clara, Monika, Catalina, and many more.

TAG would like to thank all at the Haringey Chinese Community Centre - for their trust, enthusiasm, generosity, and blank canvas. It took many hands to realise, with many new friends made along the way. Truly a piece of community art.

All artwork, text and images © Turnpike Art Group 2022.