Central Saint Martins - The briefing

On Wednesday morning, at Cafeteria, we met with a very punctual, and equally attentive group of six students from Central St Martins.

After a short resume of what TAG stood for, we then set the brief for their 2nd year Ceramics BA course. Which began:

'Our brief is to design a product which reflects and improves the urban landscape we live in. It can solve a problem or be a practical solution; be a one off, or part of a multiple deployed throughout the neighbourhood. The design should reflect the environment and natural forms, but could also be a solution to everyday visual ‘eyesores’.'

As well as social heritage and the narrative of local history, an array of other criteria formed what we hope will be a challenging and rewarding 8-week project.

This first meeting was concluded with a brief tour of the neighbourhood, where we highlighted some of the potential locations and inspiration points.
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