CSM students present a fountainhead of discovery

Last Friday TAG were in attendance at the final, end of project, presentation from our Central Saint Martins BA Ceramic students (AKA Ceram Fam) - as an eight-week section of their second year coursework came to a close. It seemed some time ago when we first met the six individuals who would be the willing recipients of our brief.

And so it was, with a certain degree of both maternal and paternal trepidation, that we sat and listened to a well-orchestrated showing of both film, slide, narration and 3-dimensional discovery. At its conclusion (joyously capped with a self-effacing epilogue movie clip) we could see the process had been a learning journey on many levels. One that had touched upon greatness, and with perhaps a little more time, achieved top marks.

Overall, we felt this impromptu client team had overcome the inevitable issues of cohesiveness, and forged a very mature and responsible unit. Their self-initiated Clay Day, held at our Chinese Community Centre, was a high point. And perhaps best represented the TAG ethos. And although the end point did not fall on a definitive fabrication, or tangible product, there were sufficient glimmers of light to suggest some of the cracks within the TAG streetscape could be filled with their inspiration.

One of the most pleasing aspects which underlay all our thinking was that one needs to form a successful micro-community, in order to best serve the desires of the bigger community. We wish them well. And hope their experience with TAG, both individually and collectively, has opened their eyes.
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