B.braveArtist - DONK. Installed July 2013

One of the primary pleasures gained from curating our own street gallery is getting time with the artists, and observing that very satisfying post-installation warm glow.

So it was very recently, sharing a beer with DONK, and his erudite assistant Christine, having witnessed one of the artist's seminal pieces - B.brave - being pasted-up under the watchful eye of Shepard Fairey.

The work itself is almost theatrical. Yet emanates a tranquil charm and devil-may-care serenity. Featuring DONK's own son, this sublime composition is soon to be released as a limited edition screen print. More on this when the new DONK website is up and live.

During our conversation, it was satisfying to hear of the reaction that passers-by had fed back into the duo as they worked - this the same very positive vibe that our community dispels over quality interventions placed within our streets. Our residents have a very discerning appreciation of the arts. And frequently utter gratitude when new work is appearing.

Sat on the low wall bearing Stewy's cat, our discourse meandered though street artists working past and present, 'spreading the love' through paste-up, and the possibility of bigger things to come. It was a privileged discourse. And a reminder that art can lead to so many rewarding liaisons.
TAG thanks DONK for his donation, and Christine for help with installation.

For more on his work, read our interview, conducted before B.brave was in situ.

The B.brave artwork is available as a limited edition screen print. Buy HERE
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