Commission TAG

With a broad portfolio of projects already placed within the public domain, the Turnpike Art Group are keen to expand our ethos into other locations. We can create bespoke artworks, or seek to commission other street artists; in an effort to enhance pre-existing sites, with artwork that can both lighten the everyday journey and incite a sense of wellbeing.

All our interventions are carefully researched, with permission granted from both local businesses and residents alike. Our aim is to embellish the streets with original material which counters the oft-accepted perception of street art being somewhat anarchic and ego-driven. We reintroduce elements of heritage, the artisan and the natural world.

From simple panels to decorate an eyesore, to full-scale shop or bar fronts, TAG can work with a client to provide a bespoke solution. We welcome your blank canvas, and open mind. TAG can also create a bespoke street art show within bars and public venues - such as The Westbury in north London.

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Fees will include consultation, designing, artwork and materials.

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