Palace Gates - our platform to the pastArtist - TAG. Installed September 2013

Some of our larger TAG installation pieces have arrived via a journey. And our Palace Gates project is no exception. It has been a six to seven month process; now completed at the end of September 2013.

These last few days saw the various paper stencils, cut to form the multitude of compositional elements to our tableau, taped, trimmed and sprayed; with reel after reel of masking tape applied as both concealment and support.

With the process comes that natural sense of theatre. As artist your stage is set. Your audience a continual passage of street life, moving through the vista to which you turn your back. And as ever, the many and varied citizens of this pocket of north London, have an unbelievable appreciation of what we are trying to achieve. The countless passing expressions of gratitude are heartwarming - "Thank you for making Turnpike Lane nice!" just one example; a tiny bouquet of hand-picked flowers another.

We spoke with individuals who could recall trains running through the space; found time to explain the artwork which would appear; offered tuition on how spray artwork is achieved; engaged with anyone who expressed an interest. And with so many people travelling through this thoroughfare linking central London [via the Underground station] and Tottenham, our art installation gave many a daily engagement with the creative process, as they returned on the homeward path to see what development had occurred.

New friends have been made also. Tea and cake was offered on day one. A wonderfully ripe allotment-tomato donated on the last. This from a droll individual who had earlier shown me the demise of his tomato crop from Blight. Returning half an hour later with the words "This one is sound," such generosity speaks volumes of the older generation. This moment succinctly illustrates a glimpse into the past, through a consequence of being on the street, making our art - one gets to meet people. And if you make an effort to talk, ask questions, learn of what used to be, community actual becomes a tangible form. "I'm glad you're not Banksy" said our tomato-grower, "because otherwise someone would steal that wall. And we'll all be without electricity."

TAG would like to thank UK Power Networks for allowing this artwork to be applied to one of their substations.

Our gratitude to Christopher Chapman, for sharing the vision. And similarly Haringey Council for pushing the final green button. Lastly, to Spacehive, and all the generous funders who met our project target, allowing the materials to be purchased.

With Stan the Station Master proudly waving his green flag, Elsie smiling through her ticket office window, Milli the eager station dog looking on, our Palace Gates artwork brings the romance of travel to this north London platform.

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