Sown by the Mountain - Making the art

The Turnpike Art Group agreed a special limited contract with artist Elise Wehle, which entitled us to reproduce, by means of stencil, her artwork 'Sown by the Mountain'. The total quantity of reproductions was not to exceed one, as a one-time use.

We liked this approach a great deal. The fascinating 'construction' method for this unique cross-Atlantic collaboration involved the artist sending a digital file to TAG, which was then resized, and printed onto A0 paper sheets. These were then combined into a single composite, roughly 1.5 metres square. Then began the time-intensive process of hand-cutting the intricate design into a delicate paper stencil.

When completed, the stencil was then temporarily glued to the wall in question, before being sprayed with our chosen colour treatment.

Such a process is reminiscent of artists such as Sol LeWitt, and his instruction-based artworks of the early 1970s. A set of detailed instructions allowed a remote group of individuals to work to the artists 'blueprint' and execute a certified artwork without the artist being present.

With Wehle 'pushing' her piece of art to us via the internet, from her studio in Orem, Utah, TAG were then able to receive it in London, and fabricate the work nearly 5,000 miles from its origin.

TAG would like to thank Trea Clenaghan for her generosity and support, in allowing this artwork to be created.

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