Framed Cascade | Artist - The Toasters. Installed November 2014

TAG strive to confidently work within the acceptable parameters provided by an urban, but also residential environment. On occasion we like to gently push the boundaries. Above all, we continue to engage those who travel through our 'turf' with a diverse mélange of street art. So when it came to the final artwork for our 'in The Frame' Series 2014, we decided to quite literally paint 'outside the box'.

And so it was, in damp mid-November, we spent two days in the company of street art nobility - The Toasters.

With one eye to the ominously heavy passing clouds, a new Toaster masterpiece took shape - Framed Cascade. Whilst painting, we discussed Polish Cabbage Stew, Toaster Tuesdays, the differing drying rates of colours, and ultimately invented an ingenious new method for applying precision paint drips. The final artwork is an avalanche of graphic grandeur. Its bold, semi-transparent, colour-forms flow out from the central structure; seemingly drifting over the rough concrete render; one passerby tempted to steal a toaster, peeling it away from the composition.

Whilst diggers and dump trucks toiled at the end of the road, attempting to improve our streets with slabs of grey concrete, and swathes of grisly granite, it took The Toasters a mere two days to bring a kaleidoscopic splash of optimism to all those who visit Turnpike Lane.

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